IFWT Tyreke Evans

A few months ago it was rumored that Tyreke Evans got video “model” ( I use that term loosely) Ashley Logan pregnant.  Well apparently Evans has denied the child is his and continued his ways which now ended up with another pregnancy rumor with another vixen.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

According to Baller Alert (decide for yourself how much credibility you want to give it) they received some info that Evans got the self proclaimed “Queen of Leggings”  Angel Brinks pregnant.  Now I know the two of them had something going on but whether or not she’s pregnant has yet to be announced.

“Months ago when people found out that Ashley & Tyreke were having a baby, all his jumpoffs came out of nowhere. One in particular named Angel Brinks.

When Angel found out Ashley was pregnant she did EVERYTHING in her power to harass her. She let it be known she was still messing w/ Tyreke & the baby Ashley was carrying was supposed to be hers. Yes, Crazy! Psycho! All of a sudden 2 months b4 Ashley is scheduled to give birth, Angel pops up pregnant claiming it to be Tyrekes!

Since becoming pregnant & refusing to get an abortion, Tyreke has dissed Angel completely (just like LM) & does not claim her or the unborn. Umm can you say desperate! Pathetic! Not too mention the perfect example of the word trapped!

How do I know ALL this & more to be true? Angel definitely posted pictures & tweeted boasting about Tyreke & being pregnant then deleted it when people started talking about it negatively. Plus she tells so many of her “friends” her business, I think she forgets who she tells & what she says. But, I guess we will all SEE for ourselves in a few months when Ms. Brinks starts to show!”

Ashley Logan’s pregnancy was confirmed by Full Court Pumps from her tweet:

IFWT Ashley tweet

And she also posted this on her instagram:

IFWT Ashley post

As far as the validity of either woman, I can’t confirm anything but apparently Evans has a type (*pics in gallery above*)  and very little sense.  Both girls have a checkered past linked to numerous ballers and just about anyone with enough cash.His game is also taking serious hit as the once Rookie of the Year is now an disposable member of his team.  Get it together Tyreke!