Yesterday we shared the story “Yikes Did Tyreke Evans Get Two Vixens Pregnant?!” and it came to our attention that all the facts were not right and present in that story.

We at IFWT like to make sure the facts are straight and that’s why we’re clarifying the article. Even though Kings baller Tyreke Evans is the center of the story, this is not about him. We spoke with accomplished publication and video model Ashley Logan to help shed some light on what is really going on and she has a VERY strong message that she wants to send out. Check out what she had to say…


First, we would like to send our congratulations to Ashley and Tyreke on having a happy healthy baby boy named Ty!

I know as a blogger it’s our job to get the scoop and give our readers what they like…the dirt. But sometimes the full truth isn’t always being presented and misinterpretations happen.

Ashley has a VERY strong message she wants to send out: LEAVE HER ALONE. She doesn’t need or want the drama. She just wants to raise her baby boy in peace.

She was happy and elated to find out that she was pregnant with her first son (you can see some of her Instagrams pics above in gallery). Ashley and Tyreke have a very private relationship and plan to keep it that way – they are in a good place. She has never claimed him as her boyfriend or her man and she knew he was seeing other women.

According to other blogs, Tyreke got a woman named Angel Brinks pregnant while Ashley was pregnant with their son and this is where it gets messy. Angel is allegedly a well known prostitute and reached out to Ashley in September to start drama. Ashley shut her down because she didn’t want the beef and didn’t need to hear anything Angel had to say.

Even though Ashley wants nothing to do with Angel, Ashley has been receiving death threats from Angel’s “sister” and other “anonymous” people (you can see those threats above in the gallery). We don’t know why Angel is going to such extreme measures when Ashley hasn’t done anything, what we do know is that violence is never the answer! We just hope with the message that Ashley is sending that this comes to a peaceful resolution.

We will keep you updated any new info we receive!