Joe Budden vs Consequence

The cast of season 3 of Love & Hip-Hop are all together right now, filming the reunion show with our very own Funk Flex on the 1’s and 2’s. With a cast like that, you already knew there’d be drama during the taping, but it’s even more crazy than we thought! Going back to their little tiff (hardly a beef, though Joe did approach Cons) a few weeks back, Consequence decided to act it on and hit Joe Budden in the face at the show. Thing is, he did it on the sneak tip, then ran! Not before Tahiry was able to snuff him, though. Judging by Cons’ tweet, he seems quite pleased with himself…but others there, including Joe and even Flex…think it was a total P#SSY move! Joe took to Twitter to explain what happened, and then called into Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show to elaborate. Check out the tweets in the gallery, and his call to Angie below.

Marisa Mendez