Joe Budden's Love & Hip-Hop reunion look

Oh, the drama! As we all know by now, Joe Budden was hit by Consequence during the taping of Love & Hip-Hop today, and before Cons ran away, Tahiry was able to get a hit in on him. When Joe took to Twitter to explain it, he clearly stated that he and Tahiry had been walking outside together to have a cigarette. Innocent enough, considering the ex-lovers are friends and clearly, they’re both smokers. But if you actually go onto Joe’s timeline, you’ll see he replied to a few people as well, and in one of the replies, he mentions that he was HOLDING HANDS with her. You don’t just hold hands with any old chick, especially when your girlfriend (maybe not anymore?) Kaylin Garcia is in the same room! I mean, he and Kaylin were just together yesterday! I’m so confused by all of this, but I’m sure that the truth will come out soon! Check the tweets in the gallery. Who you rooting for? #TeamTahiry or #TeamKaylin?

Marisa Mendez