It’s been about three years now, since the news that there was going to be a biopic based on Tupac’s life, but it has yet to happen. With all kinds of directors, writers and people of that sort quitting and coming back, who knows if we’ll even see the film in the next two or three MORE years. There isn’t even a SCRIPT done yet. What, or shall I say who’s the hold up you wonder…Drop down bottom.

JaaiR (JR)

Antoine Fuqua! Apparently he has things in mind that he would like to do, which is a part of why the film hasn’t began production. Check out his statement:
“It was announced too soon,” Fuqua lamented. “I have a deal for Tupac, but the script is not there yet, and its being worked on. Somehow someone started talking about it, it got out there and went crazy, but it was always a situation of, let’s make sure we have a great script, and get it right.”

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