You know Erica Mena’s got to be tiiiight! LOL! After falling out with her manager/boo Rich Dollaz recently, Rich turned around and gave the smash ballad he’d previously given to Erica to his other artist, Olivia. Erica’s version was very high on auto-tune as she’s not exactly a singer, but Olivia’s sounded really good. We watched the swap go down on Monday night’s episode, and shortly after, Liv released the single to iTunes. In just a few days, it’s already charted in the top 10 R&B/Soul charts on iTunes! LOL! Which version do you like better? Listen to both below and let us know!

Marisa Mendez

Olivia’s version:

Erica’s version:

The scene from Monday’s episode where the song gets sniz-atcheddd: