Joe & Kaylin a couple weeks back

This is totally becoming a Chris Brown-Karrueche-Rihanna situation at this point! But, we all know how that story ended (for now anyway.) It’s been confirmed that during the taping of the Love & Hip-Hop reunion, Joe Budden revealed that he and Kaylin Garcia had broken up. It also is rumored that he and Tahiry said they were working on their situation and/or getting back together, and Joe seemed to confirm that by saying on Twitter that the pair were holding hands when the whole Consequence thing went down. It seems as though SOMETHING is still going on with Kaylin, though. I mean, just the day before the reunion, the pair were photographed together and now, she’s right by his side across the pond in London. They look pretty happy as well. What’s going on here! Photos in the gallery.

Marisa Mendez