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Larry Sanders was ejected in the 4th quarter of the Bucks/Wizards game after receiving two technicals. Obviously no player is happy about an ejection so he decided to mock the officials on his way out. I’m curious to see if he gets fined for this?! Check it out…


Via Ben Golliver at SI.com:

With 2:45 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Wizards leading 102-88, Sanders was hit with an offensive foul on a fairly typical block/charge call. Wizards guard John Wall appeared to sneak in and draw the charge, but Sanders felt that Wall did not get his feet outside of the protected circle and therefore should have been whistled for a defensive foul. Sanders received two technical fouls back-to-back as he disputed the call, earning himself an ejection.

On his way off of the Verizon Center court, Sanders made a point of turning to look at the three officials — Bennett Salvatore, Bennie Adams and Kevin Cutler — before offering each an exaggerated and sarcastic “thumbs up” gesture. To execute the three thumb salute, Sanders actually spun in a full 360 circle, which was a nice flourish. Sanders then topped it all off with a “technical foul” signal of his own before finally leaving the court. He departed with 17 points (on eight-for-13 shooting), 11 rebounds, two blocks and one steal in 29 minutes.

The Journal Sentinel reported his post-game explanation.

“I really want to win,” Sanders said of his response. “I want to gain some momentum going into the playoffs and seal our position. I felt like we fought hard but we didn’t play our best. There were a lot of things I was frustrated with.”