Let’s Stick to the facts, yesterday it was reported Weezy was “Rushed to the Hospital“, And it Seems Today the reported He has gone back and in critical condition even possibly last rights were being administered…But Who is That Source?! Because we have a Source You heard of before, Hit the Jump to See what Birdman himself has to say about Tunchi’s Condition!

Tat wza
It’s understanding that we as fans would be totally concerned about what’s going on with Lil Wayne, and it’s def understandable Wayne being such a Megastar Big Media is going to cover this event, BUT Today Funk Flex Talked to Baby on the Phone, and while not sounding stressed at all, Baby said, “Wayne Is Good, We’ll Be Home tomorrow”.
I mean what else is there to say? I would think If Wayne is on his Death bed, Baby wouldn’t be on the phone, and he’s there. Even Mac Maine Is Not good with the Report(See Gallery For Tweet)Now I’m Not saying reports are wrong, I’m just saying Baby Spoke to Flex, That’s all I’m saying.