Packers fans may not want to read this report, esp. if you’re still mad at Brett Favre for leaving the Packers. Guess who helped steer Greg Jennings toward signing with the Minnesota Vikings?! Details after the jump…


Via Kareem Copeland at NFL.com:

Many Green Bay Packers fans already were bitter about Greg Jennings signing with the Minnesota Vikings. This won’t alleviate those feelings.

Jennings said Brett Favre, the former Packers’ and Vikings’ quarterback, helped him make the decision.

“Literally, as I got off the plane and (offensive coordinator Bill) Musgrave walked up to me, I’m on the phone with Brett,” Jennings said on KFAN-AM, via Min.Scout.com. “I spoke with Brett two or three times throughout this process. He shot me straight. I knew if there was one person that would shoot straight and tell me exactly what I wanted to hear and things I possibly didn’t want to hear, it would be Brett. He did that for me.”

Jennings joined Favre, Darren Sharper and Ryan Longwell as popular Packers to move on to the Vikings. Favre was an overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints away from taking the Vikings to their first Super Bowl since 1976. The ol’ gunslinger had a good experience in Minnesota and surely relayed that to Jennings.

“I’m not the first Packer player to jump on this side,” Jennings said during his introductory news conference. “That makes it a bit more relieving.”

Sounds like Favre eased some of Jennings’ concerns. That will not sit well with Packers fans who still have beef with Favre.