It is good to see Jason Terry is being a good sport about being destroyed by Lebron earlier this week with a crazy dunk. I mean he really has no choice but to take it all in fun, cause I mean there is nothing he can really say or do to change the fact he got posterized in a major way. He said alot of the memes he saw about the dunk were funny, but one in particular stood out. Check out which one it was after the jump in the gallery. It definitely was more of the funnier ones.


Terry said, “I’ve dunked on so many guys in this league, and the way social media is today, it’s just unbelievable…But I will say I did get a kick out of the one when I was in the coffin and the pallbearers were KG and Paul Pierce. I mean, that was hilarious. It’s all in fun and it’s all in the spirit of the sport…”. Maybe I am confused. Who has Jason Terry ever dunked on? Anyway, who cares at this point, check out the picture.