I am already a little riled up from my last story about the NYPD killing a dirt bike rider. Now I come across this. A man on a motorcycle was pulled over for running a red light. Ok, no big deal, give the man a ticket and send him on his way, or if he doesn’t have a license arrest him and take him in. Vancouver police are investigating one of their own officers after the video was uploaded to Facebook a few days ago. The entire event is captured on video by someone passing by. You can see the man is getting put in handcuffs (not sure why) but it is clear he is not resisting, when all a sudden, the plain clothes officer just punches him dead in the face! The officer is trying to say the man was resisting, but how can you even begin to believe that is you saw the video. Even if the man was resisting earlier before the camera comes on wouldn’t matter, because when he gets punched he is being very calm and cooperative. Hopefully this officer is disciplined. The police motto is to serve and protect, not pull over and punch! Watch the video after the jump.