Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s Carter IV didn’t SEEM like it had a crazy buzz back in 2011, and many wondered if it would live up to the album that truly solidified Wayne’s spot in the game, Tha Carter III. The latter sold one million copies in its first week in 2008, something that was not being done at the time with the way record sales were going…especially with a rapper. But lo and behold, Wayne pushed 964k of C4, just a few units short of a milli. Now, what about his latest offering? Unfortunately, it’s not going to fare so well. It could be the lack of a strong single, as “No Worries” has been in rotation since last summer. Maybe it’s his health issues preventing him from promoting it the right way? Maybe it’s that the fans just really identify with the Carter series…being that his 2010 release, I Am Not A Human Being, only sold 110k copies the first week. However, Wayne was behind bars at that time and could do nothing to promote it, on top of the fact it was only released online, and not in stores until about 2 weeks later. So, how much will I Am Not A Human Being II do? Find out the current sales projections below!

Marisa Mendez

According to HITS Daily Double, I Am Not a Human Being II will move about 190-210k copies in the first week. This will likely put him in at number two or even 3, as Justin Timberlake will undoubtedly hold the top spot again, and country singer Blake Shelton currently has estimates of 155-175k. That’s a far cry from one million! What do you think the reason is?