IFWT_Lindsay stealin again DMCA
I’m so over this chick that it isn’t even funny. You’re so broke that you have to STEAL? Come on now. You keep running in and out of court for dumb s**t, but yet you keep pulling stunts. THIS TIME, it’s being said that Lohan stole from the set of, “Anger Management“. From the guy who gave you money to assist you in getting your madness under control? Drop down bottom to see what she stole and a better understanding to CORRECT (not LiLo’s) side of the story.

JaaiR (JR)

According to Lindsay, the things that she took (2 bracelets, a necklace, sunglasses, a pair of shoes, gold earrings, a silk bathrobe, lingerie and tap shorts) from the set of “Anger Management” were not stolen material, but paid for. The “Mean Girls” actress says that she spoke with the wardrobe lady who expressed that it’s “A-OK” to take the things, but it will come out of her salary – therefor she would have paid for them. The show on the other hand says that LiLo walked away with the merchandise before she had a conversation with ANYONE about ANYTHING! The wardrobe person told producers she was not going to become a cop and block Lindsay from leaving the set with her stuff, so she told her the value of “all missing items” would be deducted from her paycheck. Some people just need a good ol’ fashion a** whooping. LiLo is one of them.

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