It still blows my mind when any player in the NBA has the nerve to talk sh*t about Lebron. Now let me be clear, I am NOT a Miami Heat fan, I am not even a Lebron fan. But I am a realistic fan and at the end of the day at this point in time, Lebron is clearly the best player in the NBA followed closely by Kevin Durant, Kobe, Melo and a couple others. It just seems at times dudes can’t keep Lebron’s name out of their mouth and it is usually some average player. Well it happened again in the wake of the Heat finally losing a game to end their streak of 27 straight to the Chicago Bulls. Read more after the jump to see who was talking nonsense now.


After the game the other night, Lebron mentioned how there has been quite a few times lately where he is being fouled in a way that he feels is more than just a hard foul. I have to agree with him on this actually. Just because Bron is a big boy doesn’t mean fouls don’t get to him. In the game against the Bulls alone there were 2 different plays where Lebron was basically taken down with no intention of getting the ball. Some of you may disagree with that but those plays were done on purpose and were not basketball plays. Of all the people to open his mouth from the Bulls, Taj Gibson decided he had to respond. If it would of been Derrick Rose I could handle that, but Gibson?? Come on man.

Taj Gibson responded: “I think he’s too good of a player to do that. I didn’t try to collar him,” Gibson said. “I just fouled him. It wasn’t intentionally.I just tried to make a play on the ball, but I fouled him. When he fell, it looked like I collared him. I was really trying to grab him, just not hold him up. Nobody was intentionally trying to hurt anybody out there. When he said those comments, I was really shocked. But it’s part of the game, I guess.” No Taj, he said that because you actually did wrap your arms around him way too high on his body and never made an attempt on the ball. And Kirk Hinrich, who early in the game I admit made a smart play to not let Lebron get a clear way to the rim and throw down a massive dunk, but was still an intentional play. He literally tackled Lebron and brought him down to the ground, again with out making a play on the ball. There is no such thing as being “too good” to complain about certain calls. Now go sit your average ass down Gibson.