I’m not sure how to remedy Royce White’s situation concerning his anxiety disorder and his professional career.  He’s often said that conditions within the NBA weren’t suitable for his health and is often quoted saying the Rockets haven’t complied with what treatment should be upheld.  While I along with many others are in dark about exactly what he needs, he’s also having issues in the D-League.  After leaving without permission he returned to only soon leave again citing the playoff schedule would be too hectic.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Rockets rookie Royce White had perhaps his best game of his NBA Development League season with his return to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers on Tuesday, but quickly added that he does not plan to stick around for long.

White left the team last week, missing three games including a road trip to Indiana and Pennsylvania, telling CNN that the inconsistency of living in hotels is unhealthy for him because of his anxiety disorder. He returned on Tuesday, planning to play the season’s final six regular-season games, all at home, but said after the game that he would not play in the D-League postseason because of its “hectic” schedule.

“I’ll be here until the end of the regular season,” White told The Monitor after the game. “The playoff schedule and how hectic it is in the D-League probably ain’t going be the best thing for me. Going to the playoffs, I want them to have a team that’s going to stick together.”

Thanks to new recruits James Harden and Jeremy Lin, the Rockets will most likely be in this year’s playoffs.  My question is if he couldn’t deal with the D-League, how will he be able to deal with the NBA?  He’s been so vocal about his condition but somehow exactly what it is that he needs still seems to be a mystery…