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A game that had a championship feel to it turned unbelievably sad when Louisville’s Kevin Ware went down with one of the most brutal injuries I’ve ever seen in my life.  It was so bad that all his teammates hit the floor and many began crying.  The team’s coach Rick Pitino also tried to hold back tears but they continued to fall.  Even the Duke players became solemn as there was a hush over the crowd and the many of the Louisville fans in the stands cried as well.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Kevin Ware was emerging as one of the dominant players during Louisville’s March Madness run including dropping 10 points in 15 minutes during their win against Oregon.  “His lift was just big,” Pitino said. “For Peyton to go out and Kevin Ware to step up like that, that just goes to show you how deep we are.”  It’s eerie the words Ware spoke yesterday.

IFWT Ware quote

You can tell how tightly knit that deep team is as their emotions ran high after the injury.


You can watch the video here but warning, it is very brutal.  According to coach Rick Pitino, “The bone popped out of his skin.  Broke in two spots.  Will take a year for him to come back.”

The bone was six inches out of his leg and all he told his team to do was “win the game!”  That’s just what they did, the Louisville Cardinals came out during the second half playing absolutely inspired!  The Duke Blue Devils went about 8 minutes without scoring a basket.  The Cardinals won the game 85-63 and will go on to the Final Four in Atlanta facing off against Wichita St.