This is the BEST video I have ever seen when it comes to police pulling someone over. There is one problem though. Nobody seems to know if this video was fake and was just a funny skit, or if the dude who gets pulled over is actually just crazy. There are a couple things the driver does to the cop that I just can’t accept as being real without the officer arresting him right on the spot, or even shooting him ( you will see why I said shooting him in the video ). Not too mention if it was real I am sure this traffic stop would of made national news, and until today I never heard of this. The one good thing though is you will be laughing the entire time at how this driver looks and acts. You can’t hear the conversation between the driver and officer too well so you really gotta pay attention to the subtitles. Either way you are going to see a crazy traffic stop, or get a good laugh. Check it after the jump.