BAD Senator, BAD! New York State Senator Malcolm A. Smith and City Councilman Daniel J. Halloran were arrested for trying to pay-off some people to get on and win the ballot in a mayoral race. Despite the fact that he’s currently a registered Democrat, Smith wanted to run for mayor of NY as a Republican. The reason he’s in prison NOW, is because he’s accused of making payments to Halloran in exchange for his assistance in setting up meetings with Republican leaders to get Smith’s name on the ballot. #Shameful! Smith is 56-years-old and was the first black president of the State Senate. What a damn waste! And he had the nerve to tell Lil Wayne that he wanted him to apologize to NY! Da F! Drop down bottom to get a look into the Senator’s shady past.

JaaiR (JR)

In 2010, Malcolm Smith was investigated by a federal grand jury regarding non-profit real estate investments that might have been self-serving. Tsk Tsk!

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