IFWT_Conspiracy theory

I just can’t get into conspiracy theories.  A lot of fans do believe in it and this video seems to really help prove their point.  I’d love to know what Lakers fans AND non Lakers fans think!!! Check out the details and video & let us know what you think…



Via GABE ZALDIVAR at BleacherReport:

Some of you might be struck with a funny feeling, one that may hinder your enjoyment of the final games of the 2012-13 regular season. Those Lakers seem to be getting a lot of calls recently.

No, it’s not just you, because we now have a conspiracy video courtesy of a frustrated denizen over at Reddit.

The video starts out with Bill Simmons discussing how the Lakers should be safe from getting the playoff axe. It then continues with play after play of the Lakers getting some mighty suspicious calls.

You have to like the Lakers chances, especially after watching this video: