IFWT_Magic Cookie and son

It’s so sad that this is a story.  It’s really sad that the fact that Magic’s son is gay is a story.  Hopefully people will receive the positive message from this. Yesterday Magic’s son, EJ,  went public with his boyfriend and  Magic and his wife FULLY support their son.  So what does Kobe Bryant think about it?!  Find out after the jump…




Kobe Bryant is awestruck by a former Lakers star who rivals him — Magic Johnson … telling TMZ Magic’s support of his gay son is a lesson everyone, including pro athletes, should learn.

TMZ broke the story … Magic and Cookie are 100% behind their son, EJ, who is openly gay.  Kobe tells us … “Of course Magic is supportive of and loves his son.  Why should anyone be surprised?”

Kobe says, “What I can’t tolerate is a lack of tolerance.”

The strong implication — tolerance is not just limited to parents and their kids, but to pro athletes whose teammates may soon come out of the closet.

In case you aren’t reading between the lines — given Kobe’s stature, his statement could have a huge impact on athletes coming out.