Baltimore Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo made some noise this season when he came out very publicly in support of gay marriage. At first he was applauded for not biting his tongue and speaking his mind on a huge subject that has taken over this country the past few years. It seems his now former team might of wanted to distance themselves from such a topic. Ayandadejo, who played mostly special teams, but was a good contributor to the team was cut Thursday, and he feels it has a little more to do with just football decisions. “My bark is louder than my bite,” Ayanbadejo told Newsday. “I make a lot of noise and garner a lot of attention for various things off the football field. When that starts happening, why do you have that player around?” He said he understands the move from a football standpoint because he can be replaced with a cheaper, younger player. “But, I don’t necessarily think that teams want this type of attention,” he told Newsday. Now to be clear, he didn’t blame being cut entirely on his beliefs, but he does think it made it easier to cut him knowing that type of attention would no longer be on the Ravens. Especially after a Maryland lawmaker asked the Ravens to have players stop speaking about gay rights. There has been strong rumors recently that a current NFL player is considering coming out of the closet.I can only imagine the reaction that will get. Watch Ayanbadejo’s interview after the jump.