A few months ago the new Corvette Stingray (aka C7) finally dropped and sent car lovers into a frenzy. The Corvette is one of those classic cars that transends all era’s of time. When the first new Stingray that came off the production line sold for over $1 million, you knew eventually when they made the convertible verison, it would bring around the same. And it was right on point. At the Barrett-Jackson auction this past weekend, the highest bid went for $1.05 million for roofless beast. It seems like quite alot for a Corvette, but since they are literally the first ones off the production line, years from now they will be worth much more than the $1 million dollar price tag. It is crazy when you realize he paid more for a Corvette than a Ferrari, Porsche & Lamborghini combined. Check out the pics after the jump.