IFWT_ RusselBrand

Damn this is crazy! It seems like every popular celeb’s house is getting swatted. A few days ago it was Selena Gomez, before that was Justin Timberlake , as well as Rihanna, Diddy, Paris Hilton, and even the Playboy Mansion. Now it looks like Russell Brand’s L.A home got swatted. The anonymous person had called L.A cops saying that men with guns were approaching Russell’s home. When the cops arrived to his home there was nothing wrong! Crazy. Hopefully this swatting trend in L.A ends.

Damn, this trend needs to stop! Numerous celebs have been victims of swatting, where an anonymous person calls cops to their house saying they’re being intruded. This time Russell Brand’s home was victim to this prank. The person called the L.A police saying men were approaching his home with guns. When cops arrived, nothing was wrong.