IFWT_Peyton Decker

That’s one expensive workout!!  The Manning family has a great sense of humor (did you see Eli & Peyton today on ESPN?).  Peyton Manning has been known to pull a few funny pranks and he did it again yesterday when he played a funny joke on teammate Eric Decker. Check out what he did…





Via NFL.com:

Peyton Manning clearly takes his offseason preparation seriously, as evidenced by the training sessions he’s taking part in this week with Denver Broncos wide receivers Wes Welker, Eric Deckerand Demaryius Thomas at Duke University.

But he likes jokes too.  Yes, Manning sent Decker a phony invoice from Duke that purported to charge him $3,217.50 for the training sessions, complete with state sales tax (and math error). Looks like Peyton is in midseason form — with his pranking anyway.