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C’mon man. Who is asking these types of stupid questions?! SMH. At least Reggie Bush is clear on what it is.  He seems so camera shy when he gets caught by the media. I don’t know how he ever dated Kim – you’d think he would be used to this. Check out Reggie’s response when asked about Barry Sanders.



Via TMZ:

Reggie Bush fielded the greatest question of his football career last night — and by the greatest, we mean the funniest … because even Reggie couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Reggie was in Bev Hills when we brought up his new 4-year, $16 million contract with the Detroit Lions — and you can’t talk Lions running backs without talking about the legendary #20, right?

So … the question: “Do you think you could possibly be the next Barry Sanders?”

Once you stop laughing … watch the clip to see Reggie’s reaction.

We also asked Reg, and his extremely pregnant gf Lilit Avagyan, about handling the major weather shift — going from South Beach to Detroit — ’cause y’know … it’s so cold in the D.