Former Bears receiver Sam Hurd pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to buying cocaine & marijuana and trying to setup a distribution network. According to documents, Hurd who was initially arrested in Decemeber 2011 after buying a Kilo of cocaine from an undercover officer, reportedly wanted to setup his own network. He allegedly wanted to buy 10 kilos a week for $25,000 each. Two men who were linked to Hurd trying to buy the cocaine were also under arrest and prepared to testify against him if it went to trial. Hurd faces a minimum of 10 years when he goes to sentencing under current drug laws. His lawyer however vows to fight any stiff sentence against his client. I really have no sympathy for the dude though because at the time of his arrest, he had a contract with the Bears worth $5.15 million, so please tell me why your trying to get into the drug game? Check out the video of Hurd & his lawyer after the jump.