Tahiry x Joe Budden x Kaylin

As the third season of Love & Hip-Hop comes to a close tonight with part 2 of the finale, VH1 catches up with Tahiry to get the 411 on what’s going on with the infamous love triangle between her, Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia. Though it seemed like it was kind of cordial between the two women, her comments seem like they’re not! However, in the interview, she says her music video “Devil” “was just released yesterday,”…so it seems like this is a bit dated. Wonder if she still feels this way?

Marisa Mendez

VH1: The last time you came into the VH1 office you slipped up and said Joe had been stopping by. What is up with him and Kaylin?
Tahiry: I don’t know what’s up with Joey and Kaylin. I did hear that he… well I didn’t hear… we try not to speak… I have to respect… Even in certain conversations when you ask certain things I have to respect that that’s their relationship and that’s their business. I know what I need to know which is that they’re not together any longer. But Joey’s been stopping by no matter what relationship he’s in, he just pops up. It never changes.

VH1: Do you regret mushing Kaylin?
Tahiry: See what had happened was… I’m not proud of the way I act sometimes, but it’s a reaction. If you’re in my space I’m going to protect myself. All I saw was hair and somebody running after me out the corner of my eye.

VH1: A lot of people felt bad for Kaylin.
Tahiry: Y’all could eat that sh– if you want. All this damsel in distress bulls—. Because I have a big mouth and I’m loud all of a sudden I’m the aggressor? See I don’t like that sh–. She ain’t that innocent when she doing them threesomes with a d— in her mouth.

VH1: So she was running up to you?
Tahiry: No she was running, you can see the run. You did see me when I turned back and snuffed. But she was coming, so you’re coming I have my back towards you, I turn around and your right here, that’s what’s going to happen. I was wrong for reacting, but was I going to allow somebody to grab me from the back? No.

VH1: Do you have an issue with her still?
Tahiry: No I don’t have an issue with her, and I didn’t have an issue before then. I didn’t have an issue after it happened because she came out of pocket, and like I said, if you’re in my space I’m going to react. I’m human. Am I proud of me exuding violence or whatever it is on TV? Absolutely not. But chances are in real life you roll up on me like that and we just had a heated argument, I’m going to defend myself. I’m small. [laughs]

Source: VH1