Oh lawd.  Here we go AGAIN.  The Royce White drama continues.  We’ve shared the stories of Royce allegedly having a few babies mamas and may have 3 babies on the way (#s 3, 4 and 5).  Well the woman with baby #3 is claiming that he gave her $20k to have an abortion and of course she is sharing texts as proof.  Yikes.  SMH.  Fellas, I hope you are learning from this!!!
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Via FullCourtPumps:


After the last time u posted the story royce was upset but not for long. 1. Still was getting tickets to Houston (the picture is attached from the itinerary. 2. Phone calls and texts were still being answered (unlike his “BFF” who’s pregnant and blocked on twitter) 3. He sat there an trash talked his other baby mom, apparently there’s a possibilty of two other men to be the baby father of that one, so atleast he may not have 5 kids on the way.

My problem is the Mother f*cker had the audacity to try to pay me to get an abortion. I went along with it And what I did was keep the money, all $20,000. And I’m keeping the child.  And my message to royce: No abortion was conducted this morning. Thank u for providing funds so I can get started on my nursery