IFWT_Tony 4

It’s so kid-ish, yet so funny.  I can’t lie, it made me giggle.  Instead of getting mad or upset about hecklers, Tony Gwynn has a hilarious way to shut them up. Apparently this isn’t something new, but people are just now finding out about it.  Check out what he does on the field.



Via SG:

First perfected by Jim Carrey, the “talking asshole” mime ploy is funny when appropriate sound effects are used. But when fans are mocking you in the bleachers at an MLB game, it’s even better when you can use their own voices against them.

Here we see Tony Gwynn Jr. using his glove to make a “Your asshole is talking” puppet show.

One woman doesn’t seem to realize that she’s being destroyed by Gwynn. Poor dope.