Hynief grabbing up JoJo Simmons for talking about Juelz Santana

Over the weekend, a rapper by the name of Hynief ran up on JoJo Simmons for some words he’d previously said about his CEO, Juelz Santana. JoJo has since spoken out about the incident, saying he doesn’t condone violence and doesn’t want anything to escalate, and now Juelz is sharing his side. As I suspected, he’s distancing himself as far from the situation as possible. I mean the obvious thing is, it wasn’t Juelz who ran up on JoJo and there’s no telling if he told his boy to do so, or he was just being a ride-or-die and saw an open window and went through it. Another thing here: Juelz isn’t dumb. He’s signed to Def Jam…a label JoJo’s uncle Russell has a LOT of pull at. He wants his album to see the light of day! Check out what he said about the incident while talking to Power 99 in Philly below.

Marisa Mendez

“Nothing, nothing,” Juelz said of the incident. “It’s just, you know? It’s cool, he’s cool, we cool. It’s cool. Nothing happened, nothing’s going on.”

Source: HHB