Talk about an embarrassment of a mother! Jenelle Evans has no respect for herself or the son that she decided to publicize for the world to see when she signed up for MTV’s “Teen Mom.” The girl has gotten herself arrested yet again, along with her beau Courtland Rogers. She needs to go in the record books or something along with Shermain Miles. Drop down bottom to see what she’s done now.

JaaiR (JR)

Jenelle was placed behind bars for drugs. Yes, again. The reality star (if that’s what you want to call it), had the North Carolina police called to her home for and alleged domestic disturbance. Officers found 12 bindles of heroin, Percocet, plastic wrapping paper, and a glass smoking pipe in Evans’ possession. So, you know she went down for the drugs! That as well as assault. Apparently, teen mom drama queen hit her boy toy, husband, ex, or whatever he is, with a piece of furniture. Rogers (also was in possession of heroin) then hit her neck and punched her with a closed fist on her head – allegedly. He’s in jail also – again.
Question. Why are these two even together? Just a little over a month ago, they were twitter beefin’, and he took a seemingly happy photo with his baby’s mother AND the baby. Stay away from the drugs and you’ll be just fine kiddos. Check out the mugshots in the gallery!

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