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Today was someone’s lucky day! Back in October Hines Ward was the target in an extortion plot. Police arrested a man for allegedly threatening to release evidence that Ward paid women for sex. Well he had his day in court today. Find out what happened after the jump…



Via TMZ:

A 26-year-old Pennsylvania man just pled guilty to trying to extort former NFL star Hines Ward … but TMZ has learned, he won’t get any jail time.

Josh Van Auker pled guilty today to first degree misdemeanor attempted extortion … after allegedly threatening to release evidence that the former Pittsburgh Steelers superstar paid women for sex. Van Auker allegedly demanded $15,000 for his silence.

He was arrested last October in a sting operation and charged with third degree felony attempted extortion … but prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge.

Van Auker was placed on two years probation.