Tell em’ why you mad Bron’! Lebron usually doesn’t let things get to him, especially in front of the cameras, but he clearly was feeling some sort of way after hearing he did not win Defensive player of the year. Players always say the politically correct thing when asked about personal awards, but we all know inside they are dying to win awards as validation for what they do on the court. See what he said when reporters asked after the jump.


James did not bite his tongue. Marc Gasol of the Grizzlies was announced as defensive player of the year and it set Lebron off. According to the Palm Beach Post, Lebron said,

“It sucks,” James said. “It sucks. It sucks.”
“It definitely sucks, though. Finishing second? Who wants to finish second?”

He was asked if he felt it was his best defensive season:

“Probably,” James said. “I mean, I guard everybody on the floor. I don’t know if there’s one player in NBA history who’s guarded one through five (positions). It’s over with now, but that’s cool.”

He definitely has a point. He does guard literally everyone on the floor and does a hell of a job. Marc Gasol does his thing as well, and affects the game in a big way, but not to the extent Bron does. But I am sure when he is given the MVP for this season in a few weeks, Lebron won’t be worrying about anything.