Complex Beyond 2 Souls 1
This is a story(Mostly For Geeks) I tell you…So let me start from the beginning, I was contacted from the Great folks at Complex about attending an Exclusive After party for a Tribeca Film Festival screening of “Beyond Two Souls”…and of course I was like ‘Hell yeah’, but didn’t connect the dots that the screening was a video game, Then I was contacted that a couple seats had opened up for the actual screening! So I did my Homework and realized the title was for a Game coming on the PS4, and got really excited!! Yet I thought it was where the game came from…Boy was I Truly Surprised…Hit the Jump to find out why!

Tat Wza

So I get to the Screening(alone…Geeks Don’t get Dates) about 12mins late, and honestly thought is was going to be some type of Indie horror flick, which I was all down for any way, BUT it wasn’t, it was Anime…But yet it wasn’t, upon further review, it was actually the game…on the Big screen, like button options popped up and everything! I was like did they adapt the game into a movie, or was the game adapted out of the movie…these were the questions in my mind…and when the 35 min screening was done the panel came out to Explain, and low and behold, it was all the game, with a great cinematic feel!!!!
The panel was headed by Harold Goldberg(Respected Journalist), David Cage(Director of the Game/Movie, & CEO of company Quantic Dream, gaming company), Ellen Page(Award Winning lead Actress), Kadeem Hardison(Support Actor), and Eric Winter(Support actor).
They explained the joys of making this game and how it was revolutionary way to make games, and movies too, No Lights, No Camera, Yet plenty of Action! Wearing the Motion Capture suits, actors had to adjust to actually being FREE to act, Not just being Directed!!!