Rihanna and Chris Brown just can’t seem to get it right. The pair haven’t exactly had smooth sailing since their reunion of sorts in 2012, and the waves continue to roll as they make their way through 2013. Though the root issue isn’t quite known right now, Chris and Rihanna seem to be having a bit of a social network war at the moment, beginning with Rihanna’s decision to follow her former flame…and Chris’ arch nemesis…Drake on Instagram. Now could this be the reason behind her and Chris’ issues? Perhaps, but it’s more than likely in retaliation to whatever bigger issue occurred behind closed doors. It’s definitely a major slap in the face to Chris, who was just dissed left and right by Drake during a very recent radio interview in NYC. To get back at Rih, he decided to unfollow her on Twitter (though she’s still following him.) Not to be one-upped, Rihanna went to the club that same night, and was photographed getting kissy-faced with a mystery man…a very good looking one, at that.

Their ages absolutely play a factor in this, as Chris and Rihanna are 23 and 25 respectively, so perhaps the pair just need to relax for a while and focus on their lives being single. The fact Rihanna has tour dates across the world that extend through the summer, combined with the fact Chris has a new album dropping in July (which means major promo and touring as well) leaves little room for them to work on any relationship. What do you guys think? Watch the drama unfold in the gallery and share your thoughts in the comments!

Marisa Mendez