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This is crazy. Who would pay this much for a card? I mean, I get it. The irony is great, but really?! An autographed 1987 Barry Bonds card that says “Say No To Drugs” is for sale on ebay.  Check out how much the person selling it wants…





Via SG:

Available now on eBay: this rare 1987 Donruss rookie PSA Barry Bonds card, with the man himself having signed it with the prophetic words, Say No To Drugs.

This one broke the irony meter, so cannot be measured in that way. But it can be yours for the measly buy-it-now price of $100,000 … what? No bids so far?? You’d think Bonds himself would throw down a couple of hundred bucks just to get it out of circulation. This gem comes to our attention via Busted Coverage:

The seller, who actually goes by bonds_autograph, claims “This card represents the most unique and ironic collectible available for the polarizing star.” He also says the card has been verified by PSA. Of course he’s also taking offers. Only a deranged maniac would move $100k via PayPal without a negotiation.