This really is sad! I couldn’t even imagine the bond that I know these two had, and then it be snatched away. Half of the iconic duo, Chris Kelly a.k.a. Mac Daddy lost his life a few days ago, and although many people, such as JD have spoken out, the one to mention anything as of yet, was Chris Smith a.k.a. Daddy Mac – until now. Drop down bottom to see how he feels about his “brother and best friend.”

JaaiR (JR)

Daddy Mac’s Statement:
“Our friendship began as little boys in first grade. We grew up together. It was a blessing to achieve the success, travel the world and entertain Kris Kross fans all around the world with my best friend,” he continued. “It is what we wanted to do and what brought us happiness. I will always cherish the memories of the C-Connection. Chris Kelly was my Best Friend. He was like a brother. I love him and will miss him dearly. KRIS KROSS FOREVER, the ‘MAC DADDY’ and ‘DADDY MAC.'”
This touched #ME!

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