Lets be clear. There is nothing wrong with partying, in fact you need to party sometimes just to chill and relax. In this case, I just hope all this partying wasn’t the reason my boy JR Smith played so bad in game 5 this past Wednesday against the Celtics. Even though he was suspended for game 4 on Sunday and the Knicks lost, he was out Sunday night & Monday night in NYC having a ball with friends like French Montana, Juelz Santana & Lloyd Banks. I ain’t gonna front, he looks pretty faded in one of the pics lol. Hopefully game 5 was just a bad shooting night and not the after effects of a hangover. Tonight is game 6 in Boston and if the Knicks win, he can get drunk and party all he wants. Especially with some of the ladies in the front of the pics, damn can I get an invite JR? Check the pics after the jump and watch that Knicks game tonight!