IFWT_James Noah  2If you missed last night’s Bulls/Heat game, you really missed out on a crazy game. It got physical and the Heat just mollywhopped the Bulls.

ESPN describes it: After nine technical fouls, two ejections and a whole lot of extracurricular pushing and shoving, the end results were as follows: The biggest postseason win in Heat history, the biggest postseason loss in Chicago Bulls history, and tons of fresh venom pulsing through the veins of this now-tied Eastern Conference semifinal series. Miami won 115-78, a stunning outcome for a game that was basically back-and-forth for much of the first half.

A couple of the highlights came from LeBron James and Joakim Noah (almost fight over ball) along with Taj Gibson (loses it after getting ejected). Check’em out…





LeBron and Noah:


Taj Gibson:


Sources:  BTB & Deadspin