Aunt Viv
There is no secret that the original Aunt Viv has had a very long fued and gripe with Will Smith over how she was fired from the hit T.V. show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. In a recent interview with “OMG! Insider” she spoke her mind about Will Smith… Check the jump

Now we know that the original Aunt Viv Janet Hubert was let go because of creative differences, but Janet has claimed that it was more then that and her and will Smith have traded insults and exposed each other major to the media. But it seems that a couple years later Janet is tired of fighting and wants to patch things up a bit with Will.

I would say to him [Smith], we need to heal this. You’ve done some things, you’ve said some things, that were totally untrue and you know that they were untrue. I’ve said some things that I probably should have never said… I’m tired. Aren’t you tired Will? We need to have a reunion, we have to end this horrible, 21-year war, I think we all owe each other an apology.

Huffington Post