While the anticipated movie The Great Gatsby has yet to reach your local movie theaters, critics are pulling all cards and doing what they do best, critique movies. And while this film is packed with all sorts of exciting events, when it comes to the director’s take on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s slender novel, critics have found it to be full of style but lacking in substance. Hit the jump to see what some had to say…….

Time: No question that Baz Luhrmann has concocted the worthiest, tenderest and most extreme of these adaptations.

Rolling Stone: Aside from the staggering beauty of Catherine Martin’s costumes, nothing works. The actors are buried in the art direction, along with feeling. The film looks as stiff and lifeless as a posh store window … There may be worse movies this summer than ‘The Great Gatsby,’ but there won’t be a more crushing disappointment.

USA Today: Luhrmann “has fashioned a gaudy long-form music video … So much effort seems to have gone into the eye-popping production design, swooping camera work and anachronistic musical score that the result is hyper-active cacophony rather than enthralling entertainment.

New York Times: Despite what you may have heard, it is an eminently enjoyable movie. … Mr. Luhrmann’s reverence for the source material is evident. He sticks close to the details of the story and lifts dialogue and description directly from the novel’s pages. But he has also felt free to make that material his own, bending it according to his artistic sensibility and what he takes to be the mood of the times. The result is less a conventional movie adaptation than a splashy, trashy opera, a wayward, lavishly theatrical celebration of the emotional and material extravagance that Fitzgerald surveyed with fascinated ambivalence

What will your critique be when you see the movie?