Lindsay Lohan White House Correspondents Dinner
We all knew this was coming! Lindsay Lohan is ready to leave the Betty Ford Clinic because they have decided to take away her Adderall. Doctors at the center have decided that the actress doesn’t need the medication and have began to ween her off of it. Lindsay takes the Adderall because she claims to need it for her ADHD, but there are plenty of other medications that are less additive that she can take. The Betty Ford Clinic strays away from giving anyone over 15, especially in Hollywood, Adderall because it can be abused for weight-loss and to be able to stay alert for hours on end. Lindsay has begun to tell friends and family that she is going to be moved to a new rehab center and she just might be cleared to make the move. Find out why below.

Julie A.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is pushing to move to a center where they are less strict on Adderall usage so she can continue to take her precious medication. Judge Jim Dabney, who would make the decision, may let LiLo move to another facility. It seems to me that if she does have ADHD and there are other medications that are just as good but she is fighting for Adderall, she has a problem that should be addressed.