There have been plenty of leaks that Motorola will soon unveil it’s first Google inspired phone called the “X Phone”, & now it’s starting to get a bit clearer. More details & leaked images after the jump.

Tat Wza

Just the other night, the FCC put up documents of a new Motorola phone that runs on AT&T’s 4G LTE network with Blutooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac & NFC. The images also match up fairly well to the leaked images we’ve seen over the past few months. There’s also another nice nugget about this phone if the FCC documents are to be believed: it’s built right here in the United States. The phone is most likely to make an official appearance at Google I/O this Wednesday, May 15.


Motorola "XFON" back

Motorola “XFON” back

Motorola "XFON" front

Motorola “XFON” front

iPhone 5, Motorola "XFON" comparison

iPhone 5, Motorola “XFON” comparison