IFWT Bradley Beal

With the Chicago Bulls being knocked out the playoffs by the Miami Heat it seemed like Derrick Rose’s name would finally see some relief from the headlines.  Unfortunately reporters are still baiting others into talking about him and Wizards’ Bradley Beal fell for it.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

From Sarah Kogod of The Washington Post:

When asked how he’d feel if a Wizards teammate made the same decision, Beal had to admit he’d lose some respect for that player.

“A little bit. Yeah, I would,” he said. “The type of player he is, and the mentality and competitiveness that he has, I think he would have gave it a go. I don’t know what was holding him back. I think he’s scared it’s probably going to happen again and he won’t be the same. But you’re never the same after an injury. But you just have to fight through it and do something else to be able to impact the game. I’m not sure what it is he has to do. I really can’t speak for him.”

Of course I’m not an NBA player so I can’t speak on what Derrick Rose should or shouldn’t do or what he may or may not be feeling but all this chatter definitely makes for an interesting 2013-14 season in terms of his response.  Despite what we (media and fans) may speculate, his teammates seem to be standing behind him and any ill feelings they may have certainly hasn’t come out.  Other players from around the league has shown support for Rose as well like John Wall but his teammate Bradley Beal feels differently.  Let’s just wait for the Bulls v. Wizards matchup soon to come.