IFWT_Kevin Ware leg

When Louisville Cardinals player Kevin Ware suffered a brutal leg injury, not just his teammates and family but people all over the country wanted to show their love and support.  While tons of letters poured in, so did items that violate NCAA rules.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

From Yahoo

There were packets of letters from school classes, manila envelopes stuffed with dozens of sincere notes written in the curious cursive, bumpy print and fractured syntax of elementary-school children. There were crutches. And pads for crutches. And a “Lug-O-Mug” cup that can be attached to a crutch. There was gum, Silly Putty – Silly Putty? – playing cards and sunflower seeds and so much more but…

A significant amount of the mail has been flagged for Return to Sender by Louisville’s compliance office because it violates NCAA rules. That stuff is in a separate bin, in a different room.

Gift cards for iTunes, restaurants and bookstores must go back. The box of T-shirts that read “Be Ware The Cards” on the front and “United Cards 5” on the back will be shipped to the Daniel Pitino Shelter for homeless women and children in Owensboro, Ky. The guy who sent his business card, offering to cut endorsement deals for Ware, will not get through. Neither will the bags of herb coffee.

The cash must be returned, too. Plenty of people stuck small bills in greeting cards. Audrey from Louisville sent a dollar in a Get Well Soon card with a teddy bear on the front.

“The dollar is because I was raised well,” Audrey wrote, “and I don’t want the NCAA rules to come into play.”

They do. Even for a dollar.