Papa Johns
Brooklyn papa John’s delivery man doing more then just delivering pizza he is accused of delivering drugs to people with pizza orders. Police say they have him on video 21 times selling coke to undercover agents. The Delivery guy’s most recent transaction is what forced police to move in and arrest Ramon Rodriguez. Rodriguez sold a kilo of coke to a undercover agent for a street value of $27, 500 DANM! Check out the reactions from his co-workers and family members.

Delivery Man 45 years of age, Ramon Rodriguez was caught delivering high priced cocaine with pizza in Brooklyn. His co-workers are stunned at the news of his arrest but his family not so much.

Rodriguez’s flabbergasted coworkers couldn’t believe cops’ claims. The father of four was always cash-strapped, they said. “He used to hit us for money for food and gas,” said Mohammad Ali, 24, the manager of the Sunset Park Papa John’s. “We were always giving him $20 to $30 at a time.” “He was a nice guy . . . a good guy,” Ali said. “He was the best driver I got. He was clean, never high.” But family members said they knew Rodriguez was delivering more than pizza pies. “He was taking care of his family,” his daughter Selina said. “We know he did wrong, but he’s a good man.” Cops hit Rodriguez with multiple counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance. He was held without bail Thursday night.