Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne
After rumors that they were divorcing, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have decided to stick together and give their marriage another shot. Sharon was ready to leave Ozzy post his recent relapse in which he was not only drinking but using prescription drugs. Apparently Ozzy was so strung out all the time that he was convinced Sharon was attempting to kill him. The rocker has since gotten clean again and has publicly apologized to his wife and children for his actions. Now the rocker and the TV-show host are meeting and trying to work things out! I hope it goes well for the couple! Read more details below.

Julie A.

Sharon and Ozzy were spotted meeting for lunch yesterday and got “cozy” according to onlookers. Later on in the day, both Sharon and Ozzy hit the red carpet with daughter, Kelly, and everyone looked pretty happy. It’s great to see the family, at least some members of the family, happy and together again!

Source: TMZ