Some people just will never learn. After showing up for court this morning, the results of Atlanta’s own, Lil Scrappy was read, and the results were positive for the green grass that so many have grown to love. The “No Problem” rapper’s attorney, Mawuli Mel Davis states that Scrappy acknowledges that he’s addicted to marijuana. It’s WEED Scrappy! You can’t stop smoking for a week to pass a piss test? Da hell?!
I hope he acknowledges that there are consequences. What are they in this case…Drop down bottom to see what he has do before his next court appearance in June.

JaaiR (JR)

Lil Scrappy is on his way to rehab. Yes – what I call the upper-room for celebs who have substance issues. I can see this being an in-&-out situation. Nothing serious. IT’S WEED! You better stop smoking the shizznyee (Scrappy lingo)!