SMH.  I’m pretty sure if you’re being accused of rape – turning to Twitter is not the best solution.  These tweets can be used against him. Apparently Jose Conseco took to Twitter after being accused of rape.  The tweets have since been deleted, but you know someone always gets the screen shot.  He even puts the woman’s name and number (which is blurred for protection) in the tweets.  He also tweets out a picture of the woman in a bikini (her face is blurred, again for protection) saying she’s the accuser.
I understand he may THINK he’s doing the right thing by trying to clear his name – but this just isn’t smart.  Can someone please advise this man?! SMH.  Police are looking into it.  More details and tweets/pics after the jump…





Via TheAtlanticWire:

A celebrity live-tweeting a rape charge and a visit from police would be a first, yes. At this time, it’s unclear whether or not anything Canseco’s account is tweeting about is true — there’s no word from police.

If this is a true charge, Canseco has started a frenzy by doing exactly what you’re not supposed to do with rape victims besides not assaulting them: name them in public, which as we’ve seen with many high-profile rape cases over the years, is known to prevent future victims of sexual assault to come forward. And Canseco has already thrown the apparent victim’s credibility into question, and maybe even revealed more about the accusations before the police do.

After those tweets were deleted, Canseco’s account then sent out this picture of a tanned, bikini-clad woman — without any context, Which was followed up with another tweet, again naming the apparent (but not yet alleged) victim and saying the bikini-clad woman is the same person.

Update 2:19 p.m. Eastern: Clark County District Attorney’s office has stated that there no charges against Canseco in the system at this time, Buzzfeed’s Kevin Lincoln and Chris Geidner report. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no charges against Canseco. They write that a spokesmen mentioned “that it was possible they would not yet be in the system if the charges were just filed.”

Update 2:34 p.m. Eastern: We placed a call to the criminal division of the Clark County’s District Attorney’s office and they were unable to give us a timeframe of when Canseco’s charges would show up in the system (if any exist). They did say that the matter was under investigation, and directed our call to the Las Vegas police. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police has confirmed with ABC Las Vegas they are investigating a sexual assault involving Canseco.

We’ll keep this story updated as it develops.


Update via TMZ:

Jose Canseco is under investigation in Las Vegas after a woman filed a report accusing the former MLB star of sexual assault …  but Jose says it’s all BS, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement tells us … the 48-year-old retired baseball player has been named as a suspect in a police report filed with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

We’re told … the person who filed the report says the incident went down on May 10.

Canseco went to his Twitter page moments ago and said, “[The accuser] told police that I druged [sic] her and then raped her. hmmmmm. lets find out what really happened.”

The accuser appears to be a fitness instructor who lives in Vegas.